FIP: GS-Free Cures Exist

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August 24, 2023

If your cat has been diagnosed with FIP or you suspect your cat or kitten may be infected with FIP- otherwise known as the Feline Peritontitis Virus (FIPV)- go here now. These resources can help you immediately and do not use any sort of experimental chemicals like GS-goo (aka off-label Remdesivir) to inject your cat with in order to fully cure them. Please do not get burned like so many people like these have from “warrior” groups who are profiting off of fear and panic. No one needs this additional drama and heartache while trying to help their sick loved ones.

The GS/GC/Molnupiravir treatment route is fraught with physical pain and distress, uncured cats, financial fraud, and a myriad of side-effects like liver failure, bladder stones, heart distress, and premature death, just to name a few. Please, please do your research before giving your money to anyone claiming to be a “warrior” or a “slayer.” All is not what it seems, and many cats have suffered.

While pharma has been busy preying off of- and benefiting from- unsuspecting cat guardians, pioneers like Irene de Villiers, B.Sc, D.I.Home/D.VetHom have sucessfully treated  and cured over 500 FIP cats and kittens in her decades for field research. These a draft of her latest research findings concerning the feline disease that kills an estimated 5 to 10 million cats per year in USA currently.  Her full published findings are  in the International Journal of Homeopathy, HPATHY. There are other great pioneers in this field, whose research can be found here. Below is all taken from Ms. de Villiers’ research mentioned above. May this serve to help any cat guardian seeking truth.

First, a warning of what NOT to do to your FIP cat:
DO NOT USE GLUCOCORTICOIDS/CORTICOSTEROIDS in FIP cases. eg Prednisone – not on ANY cats with FIP under any circumstances.

Prednisone, Dexamethosone and other glucocorticoids are much like artificial FIP. They kill the cat kill by the *same* technique as FIP, namely by destroying the thymus gland and increasing the deadly (deadly in FIP) neutrophils. FIP already does that – do not add something which does that too! Current veterinary manuals are mistaken (out of date) in suggesting steroids. Please refuse them and ask your vet to check the formal research proving how steroids do NOT help in any way at all.

Other things that research shows do NOT help, are the following, so do NOT use them either:
FIP vaccines, Antibiotics, Interferon, Feline or Human Interferon, Separation of kittens from the mother. ALL these items are proven via experience and formal research, NOT to help.

The importent thing is: FIP has to do with a damaged immune system (usually by vaccines or steroids) PLUS a stress trigger for FIP to mutate. A cat with a healthy thymus gland can not get FIP, regardless of mutations, as that immune system component, the thymus, would cause any mutated virus to be killed and taken out like garbage. Homeoprophylaxis is a safe and proven alternative to thymus damaging vaccines, and will allow your cat to retain its resistance to chronic diseases including FIP – as well as giving the cat a safe way to resist the acute illnesses for which vaccines are intended.

What you need to know about FIPV:

FIPV can only live in blood macrophages, it can not live in gut cells. So it can not be shed, and therefore can not infect other cats. So that means FIP disease is NOT contagious.

SO where does FIP disease come from? FIPV is a virus mutation of FeCoV which mutates inside an INDIVIDUAL cat, into FIPV. Mutations happen all the time in microbes, but the more *often* they happen, he higher the chances that a mutation will happen from FeCoV to FIPV, inside a cat. This mutation will happen more often if there are more FeCoV’s in which to mutate and also if there is more stress to trigger higher mutation rate.The mutation by itself is not enough to cause FIP. Mutations happen a lot, they essentially happen all the time at a rate that varies by stress level.

IMPORTANT: Stress is ANY stress as experienced by the cat – so it is individual, and it can be physical (early spay), emotional (change of home), immune damaging (vaccines), toxic (cleaners, food toxins, drugs), nutritional (Food toxins, deficiencies or lack of animal protein or presence of plant protein etc) – and anything else the cat’s system or mind finds stressful to deal with. In any healthy cat, with an INTACT immune system, the cat will fight off the mutated FIPV, and get rid of it – before any FIP disease can even start. It has been estimated that 80% of FIP mutations never lead to FIP because the immune system gets rid of the mutated virus before it can set up shop and replicate in macrophages and cause FIP disease.In the unlucky cats who have a damaged immune system AND a mutation to FIPV, they can get FIP disease.

Please don’t do this to your cat- these needles and restraints are torment to a cat and completely unnecessary. This is absolutely heartbreaking.

The thymus gland is the area of focus needed for FIP prevention.
This is the part of the immune system that is the seat of all resistance to chronic diseases. (A chronic disease is one that will not be cured if left alone, but will either go on for ever or kill its victim.) THIS is the aspect of health that needs rebuilding to prevent or overcome diseases like FIP.
FIP, FeLV, Cancer, FIV, arthritis, allergies, diabetes, chronic kidney failure, hyperthyroid, etc are all chronic diseases and all need a healthy thymus in order for the cat to have resistance to them. It is sad, that vaccines intended to help overcome acute diseases – have thymus damage as a longterm side effect – thus forcing cats to later get chronic disease instead. FIP is one of the few chronic diseases that tends to strike even very young cats.

Some things KNOWN through research to damage the thymus include the following, and which thus are to be avoided, in order to not see FIP: All corticosteroids (like prednisone, dexamethosone, etc) chemo drugs, soy in food, magnesium stearate in supplements (helps to get them through machinery into tablets – so buy powdered versions where possible), and vaccinations especially vaccine adjuvants.

Irene de Villiers, B.Sc, D.I.Home/D.VetHom

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