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Has your cat or kitten received a scary diagnosis? 
Worried you don't have the money for expensive vet bills?
Dealing with chronic health issues that just won't go away?
Tired of always being told drugs, chemical injections, and surgeries are the only way to make your cat feel better?
Wondering if your healthy cat and sick cat can live together, or if you need to separate them?
Put your cat through surgery or chemical injections and now wondering if they are going to make it?
We have been through all of this, and more. Celebrating the birth or rescue of a cat or kitten can turn in to a real nightmare, real fast. That's why we are here. Our mission is simple- ensure you never have to face another health crisis with your cats and kittens alone and dis-empowered, ever again. You are stronger and more capable than you know of being your cat's best advocate. Knowledge is power. 

There are so many tried, trusted, and affordable resources available to help you and your loved ones. But for far too long these resources have been scattered, repressed, and hard to find in favor of more risky, expensive, and outmoded treatments and solutions. We have spent years collecting this wisdom to give you practical ways to help your cats and kittens- now.

We are here for you and your cats and kittens. Let our 20+ years of working with FIP, FeLV, FIV, FCV, CKD, and anemic cats and kittens give you the advice and affordable action steps which can help your loved ones thrive. We would love to serve you in our free community, as well as our weekly newsletter, to arm you with the knowledge and tools you need to be your loved one's best advocate possible.  

                                                                                      Our support will always be:
                                                                                   Bulls*it free. 
                                                            You don't ever have to face an unknown future with your cat alone again.


    A story about US

Dahlia Princess was born in March of 2020, to a mother given 2 weeks to live 6 months prior due to wet FIP. Her father died from dry FIP 3 weeks before she was born, at only one year old. The odds were clearly stacked against her. 
One by one her brothers and sisters died. Chester made it to three months, twins Boots and Wiggles- Boots made it to December but his brother Wiggles passed on the same day as his sister Ophelia, the day before Halloween.
Dahlia and her sister had always been the best of friends. We were sure she would follow suit soon. One January afternoon we learned tabout the importance of collagen and thiamin in working through a human condition called Hashimoto's, and beriberi disease as a thiamin deficiency. The kidneys- specifically the adrenals- were absolutely critical to protein breakdown. A lightbulb went off. Dahlia got her first dose of hydrolyzed collagen with a dash of thiamin that night, and daily thereafter. 

But those results were short-lived on their own. Her fur came back, but a Feline Calicivirus flare-up had all but destroyed her ability to eat. We were desperate once again.

But Dahlia knew what her body needed. One spring morning we were tending two surviving baby starlings who had fallen out of their nest outside. Spoonfeeding these babies was a round-the -clock job. One morning in a rush, I left the baby bird food mixture of mealworms on the table. When I came back to it, the contents of the bowl were completely gone! Dahlia had eaten a day's worth of baby bird food at one time, after nearly three weeks of not eating at all! I was stunned. I promptly made 5 more batches of the mixture, which she shared with the birds, and then some. Feline Kidney Revive was born.

Dahlia- born with FIP, FeLV, and FCV- lived another solid year after this discovery. The veternarian who treated her mother was in total disbelief. We had achieved the impossible. And for 8 of those 12 months, Dahlia regained the full use of her back legs and could jump like a kitten again.

A Look Inside Our Feline Kidney Revive





Feline Kidney Revive

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Hi, I'm Tiffany the Cat Lady. It's great to meet you and yours.

Cat mothers, guardians, as well as human moms- we all love our kids. And when the ones we love fall ill, we do everything in our power to help them feel better. But unlike humans, cat moms can't get the support they need for their babies on their own. They need us to advocate on their behalf.

But what happens when the advice we get doesn't actually fix the problem? What happens when the surgeries, injections, and drugs don't truly heal? What happens if we can't afford everything we are told we have to do to save our loved one's life? I've been through this- all of this- one too many times.

There should never, ever be a "Sophie's Choice" when it comes to taking care of our human loved ones vs our cats and kittens. There are tried, tested and true care options available to most any physical physical or emotional situation

What to Expect from Us

1st Chapter

  • Essential, actionable information your need to be able to make sense of of your cat or kitten's immediate healthcare needs
  • We are not veterinarians, nor do we pretend to be ones. Daily care, support, and transition of terminally ill cats for 20 years running is enough real-world experience to offer advice.
  • We will empower you to make healthcare decisions WITH your cat, not simply to do things TO them.
  • We will only ever recommend compassionate and conscientious care options- no experimental drugs or needless surgeries.
  • Human and feline bodies have the capacity to heal themselves if given the proper environment, nutrition, and support, and IF the sick being is willing and able to participate in the process.
  • Cures for the most fatal of feline illnesses do exist, and it is our responsibility to share them. The application of these cures is up to the individual to administer. 
This article is so perfect! My ex-husband said to re recently about seeing the big cats in Africa...they're exactly the same as our cats! Everything is the same. Feline medicine is so powerful!


Hi and Thank You for your love and support. I am taking him to a vet acupuncturist on Tuesday. This may be me grasping at straws, but I have to try.


I'm laughing about the talkative part. (My cat) never shuts up, but we love him to pieces.  I'm going to discuss this (fasting pancreas testing) with my vet, and I do appreciate your input.


Super helpful. Thank you!


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